The Determining Factors of Local Governments Performance in Russia, Poland, Slovakia and Germany

Project: Local Government (Land-S-H)
Contact: Svetlana Petri
Start: 04/2010
End: 04/2013
Finance: Förderung des wissenschaftlichen und des künstlerischen Nachwuchses des Landes Schleswig-Holstein
Content: Public programs in infrastructure und social services throughout developing countries have been beset by problems of wastage and corruption. The Situation, where local elite can move the local governments to establish distorted policies to achieve additional rents, is called the "government capture". Furthermore, accountability of local government determines its’ performance delivering local public goods to their community. Both government capture and accountability are determined by the formal and informal institutional mechanisms of public goods delivery. In this context, the aim of this project is to analyze to which way and to what extend capture and accountability is influenced by formal and informal political institutions. To this end performance of local governments is understood as efficiency in the production of local public good. In detail, the impact of formal constitutional rules, e.g. federal versus central institutions, and local policy networks as informal political institutions on local government performance will be analyzed. Beyond a theoretical analysis the project includes a empirical comparative analysis between the selected countries: Russia, Poland, Slovakia and Germany.
Region: Russia, Poland, Slovakia, Germany
Keywords: public goods, local government performance, decentralization, centralization, government capture
Data acquisition: Survey, Database of Political Institutions