Theoretical Derivation and Programming of Integrated ABM-Household Production Function Approach

Project: Focus
Contact: Christian Henning and Volker Saggau
Start: 10/2010
End: 10/2014
Finance: gefördert durch BMF
Content: The work package 1 aims at the theoretical derivation and programming of the theoretical model. In particular, this includes the derivation of a two-stage household production function approach, which incorporates households’ beliefs regarding consumption technologies. Moreover, this includes the derivation and programming of an agent-based model of belief formation module is derived and programmed in Java. Integrated in this module is a network generation module that allows the generated of different types of networks, e.g. random, small-world or scale-free networks, as well as different network structures, e.g. network clustering, density or centrality.
Keywords: belief formation, consumer demand , household production function approach, social networks
Approach: Based on Henning (1994, 2007) a household production function approach is derived., while based on Henning/Saggau/Hedtrich ( 2010) a belief formation module is derived and programmed in java
Data acquisition: