Ex Post Evaluation of RD Policies ( Ex-Post-Eval)

Contact: Christian Henning, Jurek Michalek and Nana Zarnekow
Start: 03/2006
End: 03/2009
Finance: EU-Projekt ADVANCED-EVAL
Content: The working group Ex-post-eval focuses on the development and application of innovative quantitative methods to the ex post evaluation of rural development policies. Based on comparisons of supported units with an appropriately derived baseline, direct program impacts (i.e. ATT, MTE, etc.), and indirect effects of RD programs, (i.e. substitution effects, replacement effects, deadweight loss effects, etc.), are calculated applying a PSM-DID approach. Ex-post-eval is responsible for testing the applicability of the methodology to an ex-post valuation of EU RD programs and comparing results obtained from PSM-DD technique with traditional qualitative methods used in the evaluation of EU RD programs.
Region: Poland and Slovak Republic and Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
  • Jerzy Michalek: Contribution to the EC Guidelines for Evaluators of RD Programs: Approaches for Assessing the Impact of the Rural Development Programs in the Context of Multiple Intervening Factors. Exploring the State of the Art and Good Practice of Impact Evaluation and Measurement.
    Brussels: EEIG RurEval, pp 1-197
  • Jerzy Michalek: Assessment of the Direct and Indirect Effects of Individual RD Measures Using Propensity Score - Double Difference Methods in Selected Rural Regions of Slovakia and Germany.
    ADVANCED-EVAL Working Paper Series Regional Report RR2-2 [D 13], Institute of Agricultural Economics, University of Kiel, Germany 2009
  • Christian H. C. A. Henning and Jerzy Michalek: Theoretische Grundlagen und die Rolle parametrischer bzw. Nicht - parametrischer Modellansätze in der Politikevaluation. Replik zu Anne Margarian und Johann Heinrich.
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  • Christian H. C. A. Henning and Jerzy Michalek: Econometric Policy Evaluation Techniques: Milestone for Effective 2nd Pillar Policies or a Pure Academic Exercise ?.
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  • Jerzy Michalek: Quantitative Tools for Ex-post Evaluation of EU RD Programmes.
    ADVANCED-EVAL Working Paper Series Conceptual Report CR2-1 [D 2], University of Kiel 2007 Extern
Keywords: PSM-Matching, policy evaluation, rural development
Approach: To this end the working group uses new econometric estimation techniques, i.e. propensity score matching, enabling the computation of unbiased baseline scenarios.
Data acquisition: Existing SAPARD survey