ADVANCED-EVAL: Development and application of innovative ex ante and ex post evaluation techniques to evaluate rural development policies


ADVANCED-EVAL, a European research project including well-known experts on rural development, agricultural policy, social networks and local government, began its activities in March 2006. By developing interdisciplinary approaches to model rural development the institutes involved in ADVANCED-EVAL aim to develop innovative and quantitative methods to improve evaluation techniques applied to EU rural development programs. Policy evaluation has become a major issue for many international organizations including the European Commission. Successful completion of the proposed research will improve learning about the economic and social consequences of RD programs, reinforce the quality of monitoring and evaluation systems, and strengthen the policy design process. We are convinced that the project will provide an innovative quantitative approach to rural policy development that will lead to important research findings, theory developments and policy-relevant knowledge. Overall, research with the project ADVANCED-EVAL is conducted in 5 working packages.

Project Coordinator:

Prof. Dr. Dr. Christian H. C. A. Henning

Department of Agricultural Economics, University of Kiel, Germany

Project Partners:

Vincent Buskens, Prof. Dr and Flap, Henk, Prof. Dr.
ICS, Utrecht University, The Netherlands

Thomas Hecklei, Prof. Dr. and Wolfgang Britz, Dr.
University of Bonn, Germany

Stagl, Sigrid, Dr. and Kaufmann, Peter
University of Sussex, United Kingdom

Pappi, F.U., Prof. Dr. and Ch. Melbeck, Dr.
University of Mannheim

G. Blaas

L. Klank, Prof. Dr.
IRWIR, Poland

Kowalski, Prof. Dr.
IAFE, Poland

Project Team at CAU:

V. Saggau, Dr., J. Michalek, Dr., Ch. Aßmann, Dr. , N. Zarnekow, G. Henningsen, S. v. Janovski, A. Nicolai, C. Böttcher

Department of Agricultural Economics, University of Kiel, Germany

Project Funding:

European Union, 6. framework

Project Duration:



Link zur offiziellen Website: ADVANCED-EVAL

Work Packages

Work package 1:


Work package 2:

Ex Post Evaluation of RD Policies ( Ex-Post-Eval)

Work package 3:

Quality of life and macro-econometric ex post evaluation methods

Subproject 3.1

Ex-Ante and Ex-Post Evaluation of Rural Development Programmes: Analysis of Programme Direct and Indirect Impacts
Quality of Life in Rural Regions: Derication and Econometric Estimation of a Rural Development Index

Work package 4:

Networks and Rural development: Theory and empirical applications

Subproject 4.1

Social Capital and Government Performance

Subproject 4.2

Social Networks and Transaction Costs

Work package 5:

Modeling and Ex Ante Evaluation of Rural Development

Subproject 5.1

Rural Migration and Rural Development

Subproject 5.2

ABM-CGE Model of Rural Development and Structural Change

Work package 6:

Comparison of Quantitative and Qualitative Evaluation Techniques