Social Capital and Government Performance

Contact: Nana Zarnekow
Start: 08/2007
End: 2011
Finance: EU-Projekt ADVANCED-EVAL
Content: The study investigates the impact of social capital on local government performance in respect to measures of the European rural development policy. Understanding local politics basically as the provision of public goods, government performance is measured as the technical efficiency of public good production. As social capital components club-memberships as well as the voter-turnout are recognized, representing the social and political participation. Moreover, components are deduced, influencing the allocation of structural funds whereas special attention is paid on the importance of local government performance as well as on spatial effects. By this the structural program duration is linked to the possibility of knowledge spillovers.
Region: Poland and Slovakia
  • Nana Zarnekow and Christian H. C. A. Henning: Soziales Kapital als Bestimmungsfaktor regionalpolitischer Leistungsfähigkeit.
    Paper presented at the 20th Annual Conference of the ÖGA "Land- und Ernährungswirtschaft 2020" in Vienna, Austria
Keywords: Social Capital, Government Performance, Data Envelopment Analysis, Spatial Econometrics, Knowledge Spillovers
Approach: Area of research is 'Political Economy, Political Economy of CAP'; Analysis of macro-level data for investigation of determinants of local government performance, focusing social capital components and analysis of macro-level data for investigation of determinants of structural funding allocation; theoretically the data envelopment analysis is applied to estimate local government performance; using the Malmquist-Index the temporal change in efficiency is received; furthermore, spatial lag as well as spatial error models are applied.
Data acquisition: Census-Data