Simulation Studies of Consumer Demand for Functional Food

Project: Focus
Contact: Christian Henning, Nana Zarnekow and N.N.
Start: 05/2012
End: 09/2014
Finance: gefördert durch BMF
Content: Based on specified integrated ABM-household production function approach the following simulation analyses are conducted: (1) Replication of empirical observed stated and revealed preferences; (2) Simulation of the impact of different network structures on consumers beliefs and demand for functional food; (3) Simulation of the impact specific marketing strategies on consumer demand of functional food; (4) Simulation of the impact of specific political communication strategies on households’ belief formation and demand for function food.
Region: Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
Keywords: consumer demand for functional food, social networks and consumer belief formation, marketing strategies and political communication for functional food
Approach: Computer based simulation analyses.
Data acquisition: